Monday, October 15, 2007

Back at it

Yep, it's renovation zone around the house again. Mr. Funky is of course up at the cottage, so that leaves me home by myself to don the handywoman superhero suit (aka my painting clothes) and wield the handywoman sword (okay, so it's a paintbrush) and redecorate our bedroom. I started this weekend, and last night I finished installing the laminate flooring. It looks great! Except now of course the rest of the room looks like crap, so I'm off to buy some ceiling paint and pick out the perfect colors I want to use. I'm planning on doing pop art feature wall where the bed goes. I want to do different size and colors of squares that overlap each other. I'm thinking a pale green, a pale blue, like a Tiffany's box kind of blue, and some sort of sandy beige. The rest of the walls I'm going to paint the pale green color. I'll check out the paint chips when I pick up the ceiling paint. Fun, fun, fun!


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