Monday, October 15, 2007

Musical Intercourse

Now that I have your attention with that title, I wanted to tell you about this website called IndieMV. So what's with the intercourse you're wondering? Well, what they claim at IndieMV - Musical Intercourse is the perfect way to explain what they're all about... bringing together music and people. In my mind from what I can see at this site, it's about the love of music, so musical intercourse is a perfect way to say it! Independent bands and fans are brought together here, kind of like a musical orgy. Remember, I said it's all about love, and we're talking the love of music here!

You can browse through the videos and vlogs there. The cool thing about this site is the sliders you use while searching for videos to watch. Say you're like me. I like a pretty wide range of music, so I personalized my sliders to my own tastes. Rock and classic rock I slid to the far left, because those are my most favorites, and then I like a little rhythm and blues, and a little pop, so those sliders I kept more in the middle. Then when I did my search, based on those slider tags, my taste of music popped up on the list. Pretty cool. I watched a couple videos of bands I had never heard of, so that's cool to find new music. Then I had to watch Sarah McLachlan singing Angel live. I love that song -- it's so full of emotion!

Anyway, if you love music, either to listen to or to play, you should check out IndieMV for a little musical intercourse to enjoy! And while you're there, check out the contests they have going on right now. They've teamed up with Unicef for the Unite Against Aids Video Contest.


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