Sunday, October 28, 2007

Chrome it up

This morning, while I was at my mother in law's house for coffee, my sister in law dropped by. She was telling us what she was buying her son for Christmas this year. He's got a Toyota truck -- the love of his life -- and he wants to jazz it up with some chrome accessories. So with our Canadian dollar being so strong, she figured she'd do most of her Christmas shopping online this year, buying from various US companies. She came across this one site that sells car and truck accessories and they have quite a bit of the shiny chrome goodies that her son wants for his precious baby. The only problem is this company doesn't ship internationally. So I told her to check out this one place in Niagara Falls, NY -- I think it's the UPS store, but I'm not completely sure -- where you can have a parcel shipped to and then cross over the border to go pick it up, which works for us because we're close to the border anyway. So she's going to check into doing that, and I told her if the lady that told me about this store comes into the bank in the next week or so, I would ask her exactly where it is and the name of the store for sure for her. I wouldn't mind doing that at times myself. Lots of times I've wanted to buy something from website but couldn't because they don't ship outside of the 48 contiguous states. I do have a good friend in Massachusetts that I could have a parcel sent to, and then she'll forward it on to me here, but I don't like to ask her to do that for me. I think it's a little imposing on my part, so using a place like this just over the border is a great idea I think.


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Chrome It Up said...

Hi there,

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Justin Gerling
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