Sunday, October 28, 2007

All caught up!

After trying numerous times to view a recap episode of Survivor on the CBS site, I gave up trying. I'm so sick of hearing that monotone voice tell me that the file is currently unavailable. I don't think the recaps at their site are ever available! So instead, I went over to trusty old youtube and managed to watch the episode from last Thursday night there. I already knew what happened and who was voted off, but it sounded like a good episode, and I still wanted to see it. That whole immunity idol part was pretty cool! When my friend told me about it, she neglected to tell me that Frosty was in there like a dirty shirt helping Todd and Amanda tear down roof tiles of the arbor the idol was on. And the eating challenge! Did you see Courtney spit that eel out of her mouth at the end? I don't think she swallowed a bite! Maybe that's why she's so damned skinny... she doesn't swallow her food! She's really looking skeletorish now! Gotta eat girl! Like Papa Smurf said on the Survivors strike back blog, she only eats four grains of rice! Too funny!


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