Sunday, October 28, 2007


Yesterday I taped off my wall with the squares to paint the different colors. It looked real cool just with the tape. Damn, I should have taken a picture! Then last evening I started painting, and it was looking pretty good, with the main color painted all around these squares. I went to switch colors and start painting the squares, and the first color up was this sandy beige color that I had picked out. When I put it on the wall it looked a little off to me, but I kept going, knowing that it was going to dry a different color. Then I went to do the second color, and realized that I had forgot to buy it. It was a darker green than the rest of the green, so I thought I would try and blend a couple colors and see what I came up with. When I started painting, it was looking a little more grey than green. I figured it wasn't a big deal. If I didn't like the color I could always paint over it. Finally the third color. This one is like a Tiffany box blue, and when I started painting, it was making that sandy beige color look even nastier. It looked more like a dirty dusty rose than a sandy beige. Well it's dried since last night, and there is natural daylight in the room, and I friggin' hate that color! I was sure it wasn't the color I had picked, which is called Renoir Bisque. There is nothing bisque about this color at all. It definitely has a rose tone to it, and I just hate it! The color I mixed is fine. It does look more like a sandy beige, leaning more towards a sandy color. So I'm going to keep that color, but I'm going to go out shortly and get that darker green and repaint that nasty color. I hope it works out. If not, I'll have to repaint the whole wall, and there goes the hours I spent taping out this wall with a level to make sure my lines were reasonably straight, and I didn't end up with a parallelogram or something wacky like that!


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