Friday, October 26, 2007

Plumbing courses

Hmm... years ago, when we lived out west, my husband was going through an apprenticeship program to become a plumber. In Alberta, where we were living at the time, this is a four year course. He was in the process of getting his hours in before going to the 4th and final year classes, but got laid off work and couldn't find another job at the time. Companies don't like to hire 3rd and 4th year apprentices, because their wage is higher, but they still don't have papers.
Anyway, we moved here to Ontario, and he tried to switch his apprenticeship, but it's very different in this province from that province. It's a five year process here, and the gasfitter's license
that he would have also got in Alberta is a separate course here in Ontario. So he managed to find work, but the board put him back to a 1st year for and would see how things would go after assessment. Of course the wage was really low and his commute was over an hour each way every day. It ended up not being worth it financially, after factoring gas costs and such, so he gave up and found other work in another field instead.

I was just reading about plumbing courses in the UK and it looks like it's only about two years to get your ticket there. I was at a site called, and they offer this course there, along with an electrical course and a new Sales Training UK course that they have just recently started offering. I can't believe that it's only two years to get plumbing papers over there compared to 4-5 years here. It's funny to see the different specifics that the same trade has in different countries.


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