Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Concrete garages

I think you know by know that while I might be a female, I still know my way around the building centers and hardware stores pretty well. I have my own set of tools, including power tools. That way my husband doesn't lose them on me, and I know exactly where they are when I need them. There's nothing worse than opening a box of drill bits to find most of them missing!

Anyway, in my travels the building centers, I've seen all kinds of Prefab Garages and shed kits. I was even checking out a shed kit the other day when I went to get my laminate flooring. We really need some kind of a shed in our yard real bad! But I've never seen a prefab concrete garage or shed until just a moment ago. Lidget Concrete Garages are in the UK, and this is what they sell prefab garages and sheds made of concrete slabs with an aggregate finish that go together to construct a building. I really like the aggregate finish too. I saw a lot of that in patios when I was out west this summer. In fact my sister's patio and walkways at her new house have an aggregate finish. I like the finished look of these concrete slabs, with the blended colors of aggregate they use to make them. They're really quite nice, and the garages don't look like a square cold cellar or bomb shelter like you'd expect when you hear concrete garage. They look like they'd blend in nicely in any neighbourhood.


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