Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Holy shipping!

I just got my invoice for that ship model I won on eBay. Ouch! The shipping charge is large! Twenty-three bucks, plus another five bucks they're charging under seller charges. I've sold many many things on eBay myself, and I've never ever put a seller charge, or any kind of handling charge, so I don't know what this extra $5. is for. I just emailed the seller to ask what it is before I send payment. I'll pay it, because I want the damn thing, but I don't like it when sellers put in any sort of handling charge. I find these same people usually have inflated shipping as it is, so what the hell do they need to gouge more money out of the buyer for. If they want to make more money, then start the listing at a higher price in the first place. This person started this auction at 99¢, and it's not my fault that I managed to win it for a low price. They could have put a reserve on it, or as I said, started it higher. Oh well, things like this kind of gouging will affect the feedback I leave. I always comment in the feedback if they've overcharged on the shipping from what shows they paid on the received parcel. Guess we'll see what it is when it comes.


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