Sunday, October 21, 2007

Cuba gifts

Well we met for breakie this morning and yack'd about our trip to Cuba. It's so exciting. I've never been anywhere out of Canada or the US before, other than a couple hours we spent in Tijuana Mexico when we went to California when I was a teenager, and that was a bazillion years ago! Less than three weeks until we fly! My friends were telling us that we did get a really great deal on our trip too. We ended up paying $646. including taxes for a one week all inclusive trip, flying out of Toronto. For giggles, they looked it up on the Internet this morning before they met us at the restaurant and it was going for just over $800. now for the same time, to the same resort! That's cool!

So we were asking them what sort of gifts to take for the locals down there, and my friend's husband whips out these pens and gives my mother in law each one. Now I have to tell you, he's a bit of a nutter, and he's so much fun! Well hasn't he gone and had these custom pens made up that have a Canadian flag on them, and on it says, "A gift for you from your Canadian friend" and then his name. They go to Cuba every year and sometimes twice a year, and they usually stay at different locations every time, so he figured he'd get these pens made up to take on his trips there and give them out to all the Cubans he meets. I asked him if he really wanted to saturate his name throughout the whole island, and he told me he had enough pens that he probably could! Too funny!

Apart from taking some old clothes there to hand out, I think my MIL and I will stick with the standard nail polishes, lipsticks, gum and candy for the kids and any other little goodies we find at the dollar store that we think they'd like. But I am willing to help buddy saturate Cuba with his pens!


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