Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Paris chic

I've been checking out different headboards and beds online, just to get some ideas because I want to make my own headboard. Well I came across this site called Time 4 Sleep. They have a whole section of different French Beds, which I just love. I love that whole Paris thing. I have several different Parisian inspired decorative goodies, that I have here in my office/craft room. But I'm not doing my bedroom with a Paris theme, so a bed like these wouldn't work for me, but just look at this gilt and upholstered bed I've got here. If that doesn't scream Paris, nothing does!

What I'm planning on making is a little more streamlined and well, all around easier to build! I had thought of doing an upholstered headboard, but unless I could find a large piece of dark espresso brown leather to upholster it with, I think I'll just opt for wood and paint instead. I do have an idea to add a little bit of jazz to it, but I'll have to see if that will work first or not. Either way, I will post pictures when I'm done.


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