Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Pass the mustard!

I found this picture that I'm going to send to my sister! She's going to love it! It was taken in Cincinnati, during the "Running of the Wieners", which kicked off the city's Oktoberfest celebration.

My sister and her hubby have a miniature Dachshund themselves, and little 'Fletcher' is such a cutie! He looks just like leader in this race. I love that dog. He's got such a great personality. I've never really given this breed much thought until they got him, and after my first time meeting him, he played surrogate puppy to my own Bizzy baby while I was away from home and missing her. Even though Bizzy is a rowdy Jack Russell, Fletcher is such a spunky little thing and so lovable too that he helps fill the void of not having Bizzy around when I'm visiting my family.


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