Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Snowbirds take flight

At the bank I work at, a lot of our clientele consists of senior citizens. Many of these older folks are snowbirds, and only live here at home during the warmer part of the year. Then come late fall or so they head to their winter homes. We've got lots of people that winter in Florida. Probably the bulk of them have a home in Florida state somewhere. But we also have a few that have homes in other warm regions as well, like Arizona and Mexico. We even have one couple that are lucky enough to have a home in Hawaii! I always joke with them that I'm going to knock on their door there one day, and they tell me I'm more than welcome to come and stay for a week or two. I just may take them up on that some year!

One of our co-workers that retired a couple years ago went to Arizona last year. She suffers from arthritis quite badly, and really loved how she felt so much better when they were down there. She said it was amazing to get up in the morning and not have to hobble her way out of the bedroom to the kitchen for coffee. They're planning on going again this year, and they're tossing around the idea of talking to a realtor while they're there. Like she said, they aren't looking for Arizona luxury real estate, but just a modest home or condo they can be comfortable in. That would be kind of cool too, if they were to buy a place there. It would be another place to go for a vacation and stay cheap! ;-)


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