Thursday, October 04, 2007

A sweet lady!

I'm just home on my lunch hour at the moment, but I wanted to blog about my special delivery at work today. Remember I said we went to the parade on Saturday. Well, where we viewed the parade from, was in front of the BME church that I know some of the ladies from, when they come to the bank to do the banking. The BME church is a historical church here in town, that played a big part of the underground railroad years ago. We went there on purpose, because this one sweet lady named Ada was telling me they make and sell all kinds of food on parade day, and their specialty was chicken wings. My hubby is nuts about chicken wings! Well, when we got there, about an hour before the parade they were already sold out of the wings! They had sold over 150 pounds of wings by 11:00 am!! Ada felt so bad that they had no more wings for us, and she even hunted down her son to take his wings for us, against our cries of telling her not to worry, and let the poor boy have his wings! As it turned out, her son wasn't able to snag any wings either. So we ended up buying some Jamaican patties and some samosas, which were really yummy!

So today at work, in walks Ada, and she hands me a styrofoam container full of wings for hubby and I. She felt so bad about us missing out on Saturday, that she cooked us up a special order! What a sweetheart! I told her hubby was away now, so I got to have his share too, but she made me promise I'd save him some in the freezer. So I've just finished my lunch and guess what I had? You got it... chicken wings! And I even saved some for hubby... think four wings will do him? It better, cuz that's all he's getting! ;-)


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