Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Another task to add

I just went to unload my dishwasher, and as I was unhooking it from the tap (I have a portable -- sadly I have no room for a built-in) I noticed my kitchen faucets are real sloppy, as in loose and wobbly. Doesn't it just figure though. My hubby is an almost plumber! He didn't get his ticket, due to us moving across the country while he was in his last year of his apprenticeship. They wanted to put him back to a first year journeyman here, and considering the program he started out west is only four years, compared to the five years it is in this province, and that he would have had his gas-fitters license out there as well, he decided not to pursue that career and ended up working for the government instead. Anyway, apart from that, he fortunately did teach me a thing or two about plumbing along the way, so I'm going to have to dig out the pipe wrench and tighten up those taps! Hmm... maybe I'll buy a new set instead, since I'm going to have to climb under the sink anyway! ;-)


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