Wednesday, October 31, 2007

They'll never starve!

We've always teased my sister about her grocery shopping habits. Their fridge is always totally stocked up, the deep freeze is always full to the brim, and in their old house, she had this huge pantry cupboard that her daughters dubbed "the millennium cupboard", because it was jam-packed full of canned and dry goods. I don't know what it is about her, but I think she gets a little bit of that from our dad. He always liked a well stocked fridge and freezer too. So I guess she really does come by it honestly. And then of course she works as a cashier in a large grocery store, so she's in that element every day and sees all kinds of things to try out coming down the conveyor belt at her till.

Anyway, when they sold their house last year and bought their new, smaller home, she's had to adapt to not having a millennium cupboard, and having a much smaller fridge than her old house. She always hated this fridge she has now, complaining that it's too small. So when my brother in law was building a shed to store all the stuff he had temporarily placed in the garage, because they have no basement in this house, she told me once the garage was cleared out, they were going to put the fridge in there to keep extra beverages in, like a beer and pop fridge, and buy a new fridge for the kitchen. Great, now she'll have two fridges to fill!

Well her wish has finally come through. She called me last night and was telling me she got her new fridge, and how beautiful it is! I asked her what kind of fridge they got, and she said they looked at pretty much every make and model known to man. They decided they really liked the three door General Electric Refrigerators. You know the kind that have the bottom mount freezer, which she really missed from her old house, and then it has the two side by side fridge doors on the top. She said it's much larger, capacity wise than the one they moved to the garage. So I asked a silly question -- if she had it full yet. Of course she told me both of them were loaded up, and she felt good about that. Now she's trying to figure out where she can fit in a big pantry cupboard! She's too much! But at least you know you'll never go hungry when you go to visit her! ;-)


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