Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We're down 50 or so

Well Halloween is coming to a close for another year. I've got so much candy left it's insane! We normally have about 150 kids or so, but this year we only had about 100 ghosts, goblins, Spidermen and fairies come trick or treating. Naturally I had prepared for our normal volume, so I have lots of leftovers to take to work in the morning for the girls! I don't dare keep these sugary treats at home. Hubby and I have already ate more than we needed to, and we'll just continue to gorge away if I don't get rid of them! Better to get rid of the temptation than to keep it around. I wonder why the major drop in kids though. That's like a third less than normal. I always used to say I swear they truck the kids into our neighborhood. Maybe this year they didn't!


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