Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Before Ed Sullivan

Okay, so you young'ns out there are asking who the hell is Ed Sullivan? Us old fogies remember Sunday nights gathering 'round the one boob tube with the whole family to watch the Ed Sullivan Show. It was on this show that we were introduced to many that would turn out to be extremely famous people. We're talking Elvis, Michael Jackson, and numerous others including The Beatles!

I was just a very small child at the time, but I do remember those Sunday nights. I got to stay up a little later, so I could see the little mouse named Topo Gigio segment. My older sisters and brothers were excited to see these new singers that they would buy records of, but I was so happy to see that cute little Topo come on the tv screen!

Anyway, enough of the trip down memory lane, and to the main purpose of this post. I heard on the radio today that this company named Fuego Entertainment claim they have acquired 15 very old live Beatles tracks. They were apparently recorded in 1962 in Hamburg, Germany, while the band was performing at a place called the Star Club in Hamburg, Germany.

These tracks are believed to be the earliest live recordings of The Beatles after Ringo Starr joined up with the band. And apparently they also have a snapshot of the band while they're performing to a crowd of about 20 or 30 people. Knowing how huge they became, that's so hard to believe, but I suppose there has to be a starting point for every great band!


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