Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dim and Squinty!

I really need to get my butt to an Optometrist real soon. My eyes are getting worse by the minute. I've been wearing those cheap magnifying reader glasses that you can pick up for a buck at every dollar store, but I really need to go for an eye exam. I think by the time I do get a prescription for glasses, we might be talking bifocals! *GASP* I'm getting old!!!

Thankfully though, there is some really chic-looking eye wear out there, so I won't have to look like an old lady in my bi's! The only thing is, if you want some nice looking frames, you're going to pay for them. I get coverage through work. If you can call $100, every two years for glasses coverage, with what the end cost is! Now if I lived in the USA that would be great, because I found this
Great Discovery: $ 8 Zenni Optical Rx Eyeglassess! Can you believe it? $8 for some nice frames! I like these ones here, and they're only $8!

Sadly, I can't see where Zenni Optical ships Internationally, so I'll probably end up paying $100 or more some similar frames to these ones, plus the prescription glass and all the other extras to safeguard them from scratches, etc. In the end I'll probably have to pay about $300 or more for a pair of specs. Maybe I'll toss out an email to Zenni and see if they will ship to Canada. Wouldn't hurt to try. It would be great to be able to get a couple pairs. You know, spare pairs to go with different outfits and moods! Geez, with prices like that, a person could be just like Elton John and his wardrobe of glasses! ;-)

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