Monday, January 14, 2008

Over 100K!!!

Oh my God! I just went and checked in on that Sky Commuter on eBay that I blogged about the other day. The auction ended this morning while I was at work, and I was curious as to how it ended. I can't believe it finished off at $131,700.00!! When I blogged about it on Saturday, it was sitting at $48,200. Looks like there was a major rush of last minute bids. That's the most exciting thing about selling something on eBay, for me at least, is refreshing the screen to see the bidding frenzy in the final minutes! How cool for that Steve dude! Mind you, I don't know what his cost was for this plane initially, plus the money he's put into it while he's had it as well. Now he didn't have a reserve price on it though, so my guess is that he's ending up with a tidy profit, and a little bit of online fame! Hmmm, wonder what I could find to sell for nice chunk of change...


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