Monday, January 14, 2008

Court case money tied up?

Say you've had a personal injury claim, and you've gone through the court proceedings. Judgment is in your favor -- you've won your case! Finally, you're going to be paid for those medical bills, loss of income while you've been off work, or will never be able to return to work. In the meantime though, your bills have been piling up with no income. You owe everyone in your circle of family and friends that have kindly helped you out during this time. Your payout is going to be in the form of Structured Settlement Payments. While it's nice to know that you will be compensated for your misfortune, you still need access to a chunk of that money now, so you can settle up with all your debts. So what do you do? Get in touch with a company like PPI Cash, and they'll go to bat for you to free up some of that cash for you based on your current financial needs. They can arrange for you to receive a lump sum payout for either all or just a portion of your payments, making things a little easier on you financially now.


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