Monday, January 14, 2008

The rat came back...

I was watching the news tonight, anxiously awaiting the live drawing of the ten grand prizes for the Canadian Cancer Society that I have a ticket on. Needless to say, dinner was ready and while I went to dish me up some grub, they managed to quickly flip from a segment on some awards show that took place yesterday to the drawing. So I missed seeing the first five draws. I didn't win the last five draws, and I'm hoping I might have won one of the first five. That would be pretty cool! They were cash and car prizes, or you could take all cash. I'd opt for the all cash personally, and buy my own choice of vehicle... maybe even a newly used one at that. I hate that depreciation factor as soon as you drive a new car off the lot the first time!

Anyway, one segment they had that I found pretty interesting, was about this team of scientists at the
University of Minnesota that have managed to create a new beating heart. They started out with a dead heart from a rat, and injected it with stem cells from newborn rats, which in turn brought it back to life and they actually showed it beating! Pretty cool! Now of course they said that a rat's heart isn't going to work for a human, but a pig's heart could, and they would inject it with the recipients own stem cells, which should in turn avoid the problem of the body rejecting it. Pretty cool science, if you ask me!


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