Tuesday, December 05, 2006

First snowfall of the season

Ugh! We awoke to cold cold weather and a blanket of white stuff 3 inches deep this morning. Yes it looked pretty, but I'm just not ready for snow and cold yet! There's all the extra crap you have to think about with weather like this, and all that crap slows me down in the morning when I'm usually always running late as it is! Dig out the winter boots, start the car before I'm ready to leave so it has time to defrost the windows. Don't want to have to stand out there in the cold scraping windows any more than I have to.

Then, to make matters worse for timing of this chilly weather, we didn't have any heat at work yesterday, and I was afraid it wasn't fixed yet for today's shift. I know there are probably labor laws for working conditions like that, and it's times like those that I wish we were unionized, cuz I would have walked out for sure! But of course, needing my job at this point, I stayed and froze my ass off.

Oh well, I guess winter has come a wee bit early this year. I'm dreaming of spring, or a lottery win so I can head to the tropics!

Keep warm people!


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