Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Getting your site noticed

How many of you out there are like me, and have an online shop, blog, website, etc. that you're trying desperately to get the beloved search engines to notice? I'm constantly striving to do whatever I can, and learn whatever tips and tricks there are out there to do just that. I have this blog, another blog and my online shop that I'm placing all my energy on at this time, and come the new year, plan to revamp a website I've had sitting doing nothing much more than storing graphics. It's time that site started earning me some money, rather than eat up profits from other endeavors with the fees of having that site.

So how do you get the search engines to notice your site, and get the visitors to start dropping by? Keywords and search engine optimization (SEO). I'm going to start by saying, this is a lot of work, and it will take time, but set your mind to it, and make some goals, and those goals can be achieved. Some sites may not require as much work as others, but if you have an online shop, such as I do, and offer many different items in that shop, then it does get a little time consuming. Keywords are an extremely important component of SEO, and can take a lot of your time.

If time is not something you have to spare, there are companies out there that offer search engine marketing services. One that comes to mind from a web release I read is USWeb. Founded in 1995, they have years of experience helping their clients get the word out about their site. You may want to check them out if you want results without having to spend endless hours doing the work.


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