Thursday, December 07, 2006

mmm... donuts!

Who doesn't love donuts? A krispy kreme (my favorite) would go nice about now! But lately, I've come to love other types of donuts too.

You all know about my shop, The Funky Olive... well, I have it hosted over at Cafepress, and yes, I know you probably already know that too, but I am getting back to the donut talk! Well, whenever a sale is made in my shop, they send me an email to let me know. When that email comes, it has a return email address of donotreply@cafepress. When I first opened my shop, and those emails started rolling in, I would always read that address as donutreply, rather than donotreply. Guess donuts are always on my subconscious mind! Anyway, I just started referring to them as donuts, and now my family doesn't ask me anymore if any sales were made, but rather, did you get any donuts?

Hmm, I really could go for a krispy kreme about now, but I'll settle for an email donut too!


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