Thursday, December 07, 2006

More links = more visits

It seems I’m always searching for ways to increase traffic to my online shop, and looking for any tips that others can offer. There is always room to learn more, and if it will help you achieve your goals, then its good information to learn. I’ve just come across a very informative blog that I found through a web release that has some very valuable information and tips to help you increase link popularity to your site, information on SEO (search engine optimization), keywords, and more. The article I was reading was explaining how the major search engines work, particularly Google, which is probably the most popular of all of them, and a great write up about increasing link popularity. It would appear that I’m doing not too bad, in that blogging is one of the best ways to increase, and since I blog about my shop a bit here, hopefully I’m getting linked from others. I do know my counter hits have a constant growth in the amount of visits I’m getting, so I know things are working in a forward motion, which is great!

Anyway, if you too are looking to broaden your knowledge to help your own site develop, check out this blog I was visiting.


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