Thursday, December 07, 2006

Snagged a Nutcracker!

So our work dinner party was tonight, and the food was excellent! Café Amore, the restaurant we went to is well known in our city for their food, and more so for their scrumptious desserts! I had a steak that was cooked to perfection, and came with garlic mashed potatoes and a medley of mixed veggies. Also came with garlic bread and Caesar salad, so you know what my breath smells like at this moment! For dessert, since we were all pretty full from dinner, we decided just to order a few different desserts and share them, as their portions are quite large. The waitress offered to pick out six different yummy things for us, and cut them in half and place on a couple platters for us to pass around and taste. Great idea, and kudos to the great thinking waitress!

Then the fun part, the gift exchange! I was the unfortunate one that had to pick first, which meant I was up for having my gift stolen. I ended up choosing a really cool nutcracker dude that rides a rocking horse, and he also came with a hefty box of my favorite truffles! I thought for sure I’d lose them, but I managed to hang on to them the whole night!

So all in all, a wonderful evening was had by all, and now we can’t wait for next year’s party!


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