Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Some good information out there!

Wow! I’ve come across a blog that is extremely informative with regards to getting your site noticed. I found this web release for this blog for NetResults, and I just can’t believe how much free information they have to offer. Free is good!

I’ve been reading an article there on how to build backlinks, and they have some great information, including lists of what to do, and very importantly what not to do. The more links you have out there for your site, the more chance of more traffic.

They’ve also got some great tips for SEO, and I love the way they make it very easy to understand. Check out the paragraphs where they have some great examples of writing good SEO for selling bed sheets. It’s good information, and it's not the way I've been doing my own SEO, but I'm definitely going to try this way!

I strongly suggest you check this blog out if you need to do some learning to help boost traffic to your own site or blog.


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