Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A very lighted Christmas!

Okay, I think Mr. Funky Olive has just gone insane! I swear he’s trying to outdo the Griswolds in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation! We have this huge wooden wreath that we normally have on the front of our house this time of year that is covered with silver garland, and has a large red bow and two large silver bells hanging in the center. It looks really nice with a red flood light illuminating it on our white house. Well, when we took it down last year, we stripped the garland off it as it needed replacing, which we haven’t done yet.

He went out today to get all the garland, and it seems he couldn’t find the nice fluffy garland we ordinarily get in silver, but he came across this bargain of let’s just say many packages of mini lights. These are not the power saving LED lights that are out now, they’re just the regular old fashioned mini lights. So he’s hooking all these sets of lights together and plans on attaching them to the wreath. I’m panicking, because all I can think of is the amount of power this is going to suck in, and with hydro prices through the roof anymore, it has me afraid of our electricity bill for the Christmas season.

On the other hand, what he’s done so far does look kind of cool, as he’s left the lights all bundled up as they come from the store, and just connecting the plugs together, so it’s like a clump of multicolored lights on two sides, with green from the wires in the middle.

We’ll see how it goes, and if he has enough lights to fill the wreath. If it works out, I’ll get a picture and show it here, but you’ll probably see the glow from those lights from all around, which will guide you to our house anyway!


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