Saturday, January 13, 2007

Paid to blog update

So, as I mentioned previously, I signed up at PayPerPost (PPP) to do some blogging for money. I thought I'd let you all know how it's been going so far. As it stands, with my kind of limited time, I've managed to do to postings from PPP's opportunities. Both of those were paying $5.00 per post, which isn't bad for typing out a few words!

They have quite a few opportunities available to do each day, and the list is constantly being added to. Many of them are paying $5.00 per post, which is pretty much standard from what I've seen with other get paid to blog companies, but they also have some that will pay up to $20.00 per post (that one is a video posting). I also saw one that was paying a considerable amount more -- it was either $100.00 or $200.00 (I can't quite recall right at the moment) -- but you had to have a very high Google PR (page ranking) in order to accept that opportunity. My PR is pretty much nil at the moment. I need to get more people linking to my blog to boost my rank!

From what I've seen there, some people are making hundreds of dollars per month by blogging for PPP. Now those people probably have multiple blogs that they are blogging on, where I only do paid postings on this blog. My other blog is a niche blog, so I don't really want to add anything on it other than that particular niche. But it is food for thought for starting other blogs for paid blogging opportunities. Since I'm using this extra money I'm making to pay off my debts, more blogs equals more paid to blog posts equals more money equals my debts would be paid off faster! But there's still that having more time to blog factor!

So as it stands right now, I've made $10.00 blogging for PPP, but since I'm being paid $10.00 to tell you about this in this her post, I'll be up to $20.00! Now if I only had more blogging time to spare, imagine what I could make!


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