Monday, February 19, 2007

0% credit cards

There are so many different credit cards out there these days, and all of them come with different offers, bonuses and point rewards programs. Many people go for the air miles rewards cards, and use those cards for all their purchases, so they can build up their air miles for a nice holiday. But then there are the others that looking to transfer balances from their other cards to reduce debt and get a lower interest rate. I even know of people that apply for certain cards based on what they look like, as in the graphics on the card.

Well, if you live in the UK, there's a cool new card that is perfect for transferring balances, and if you're into collecting cool cards, this one has something I've never seen before, and that is a new shape! Instead of the regular rectangular card, Mint has a new card that has one corner that is rounded off. Now that's different! And they're offering 0% on your purchases and your balance transfers that are completed by December 1st of this year. There is a 2.9% fee for transferring balances, but if you're paying a standard double digit interest rate right now, that's a considerable savings.

Mint also offers gift cards, which is like a pre-paid credit card. You can even personalize these cards with a special message, and they are usable worldwide at most places that accept Visa Electron. I think this is great idea for parents to give their teens that are going to be doing some travelling.


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