Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Attention all home repair contractors

Working at the bank, I get to meet a lot of small business owners. Many of them are self-employed tradesmen, and handymen that take on contract work, which they complete themselves, or at times hire some casual workers. It's a busy life for many of these men. They have so much to think about, from bidding on jobs, giving estimates for jobs, ordering supplies, locating sub contractors if necessary. And then there's all the paperwork that goes along with each job. The work orders, the invoices, and the list goes on. If they are a genuinely small company, they don't usually have an office staff to take care of these details, and don't generally have the time to be bogged down with paperwork, as it cuts in to the time they need to spend actually completing a job.

Well, now there's a program designed specifically for these types of small business owners.
MyOnlineToolBox was created for contractors in the home repair and home renovating industry, and it was also created by contractors in this industry as well. And with that in mind, this software is very user friendly, as they realized that computer knowledge may not always be tops with construction workers. They also took into consideration that most contractors are on the go all day, and most likely are not able to get to their home based computer every time they need to give an estimate or write up a work order. Therefore the availability to log into a MyOnlineToolBox account from any computer that has Internet access will help to alleviate problems like this. This feature makes it basically like having your entire company, office and all with you wherever you are.

My sponsor would like to know what your thoughts are on the following two questions...

1.) What specifically compels the repair/remodeler to try a new
product / solution?

2.) Where do they look to learn about new repair/remodeling industry
products / solutions?

Those of you in the Miami area may have seen the recent full page article about MyOlineToolbox featured in the Miami Herald. That's pretty impressive for a fairly new software.


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