Monday, February 19, 2007

Let the sunshine in...

It was so nice to see the sun today after so many gloomy days we've had lately. But boy oh boy, was the glare bad with it reflecting off all that white snow we have around, and we have lots of it! It was definitely a day when you needed some cool shades on your peepers! Although I'm one of those people that wears sunglasses all the time, whether it's sunny or cloudy out. I find I squint too much without them, and we have to watch out for too much squinting, because we don't want any more lines on our faces than what we'll already get!

Did you know they sell
RayBans at, and their prices are deeply discounted? They have one of the largest selections of Raybans I've ever seen, from the classic Wayfarers, for all you Blues Brothers fans, to just as popular Aviator style.

My husband and I wore the Wayfarers for years, in classic black, just like Jake and Elwood! I find I'm more turning to something more like this Olympia model now... I really like the frameless glasses myself, but if you like fully framed shades, they have all kinds of other models to choose from, and with their prices, you could actually consider getting two or more pairs!

Check them out, there's sunny days in the forecast ahead!


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