Friday, February 16, 2007

Manly Man?

So we're at work today, and it's real busy, because we've had this big snow storm two days ago, and people are finally venturing out today. All of a sudden I start hearing music that's faintly familiar. I look at my friend/co-worker and say, "Nutcracker"? She grins and nods. Okay, so whose cell phone is playing the Nutcracker? I look over at the ATM machines and this big kinda burly looking man puts his phone to his ear and says, "Hello"? Hmm, the music stopped. I thought I was going to split a gut laughing at the sheer craziness of this manly man having such music for his ring tone! One has to wonder what kind of wallpaper he has on that phone. I wonder if it's a ballerina to match the ring tone?

Now a manly man, I would think, would much more prefer a sexy woman for his cell phone wallpaper. Maybe a hot picture of
Ana Beatriz Barros, Heidi Klum or Molly Sims. And what man wouldn't love a picture of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model for wallpaper? I can't think of too many that wouldn't love to drool over one of those girls in their skimpy swimsuits! Especially with the 43rd annual swimsuit edition just being released this week. Yep, that's much more like it for a manly man! And for a ring tone, you might want to try something like "Legs" by ZZ Top, or something else a little more, you know, less Nutcrackerish!


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