Sunday, February 25, 2007


Everything is a buzz at the PayPerPost site lately! Seems there's some big news in the works! What could it be? The gang there is real tight lipped about it, and they're not giving any hints other than to just tell us big news is coming soon. All of us posties, as we're known as that post their opportunities on our blogs are going crazy trying to figure out what this "big news" could be. So let's think about it, and let me know if you could think of anything else that this might be.

Hmm, well, since Google seems to be buying up everything on the net lately, could it possibly be a merging with Google? But what would PayPerPost be called then, if that were the case? PayPerPoogle? Eeep! I don't like the sound of that!

Wait a minute. I just figured it out! I'll bet the gang there all invested some money in Powerball tickets, and they won, and they've decided to share all their bazillions they won with all of us posties! Oh wow! That has to be it, don't you think? I mean what bigger news could there possibly be than that? Oh my God! This is going to be awesome! It's just the kinda break I was looking for! My bills will be all paid, and I'll be able to go away on a nice trip! I just can't wait until they tell us how much we'll all be getting! Maybe they won't tell us though. Maybe they'll just credit our PayPal accounts with that nice big fat deposit. Nah, they'll tell us. I know they will. Oh, I'm going to have to act so surprised when they tell us, because I wouldn't want to burst their bubble by figuring out what the big exciting news is.

I have to go tell my husband about this now. He's going to be so shocked! Oh, and remember, keep this information under your hat. We can't let it leak out until PayPerPost makes the official announcement about their "big news"! (wink, wink)


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