Thursday, February 01, 2007

Risky business

Risk management is something that every company, large or small should be concerned with. I work in a bank, as I've mentioned several times throughout my blog, and risk management is something that our financial institution takes very seriously. Every T has to be crossed and every I has to be dotted. There is no room for careless mistakes that may put our company at risk that would jeopardize the integrity in which we operate. We have a Risk Management Officer in our area that is very well versed with every detail of how our company is run. She is a professional, and knows the company inside and out, backwards and forwards. She has to in order to oversee several branches in the area. She's been with our bank for many years, and I don't know how they would ever replace her when her retirement becomes reality.

Fortunately there is a company around like A.E. Feldman that specializes in executive placement and management consulting. For forty years they have been helping companies fill professional, executive and top management positions, including financial services and risk management. They work very closely with their clients, reviewing the requirements and needs for each position, so they can fill that position with the best possible candidate for the job.


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