Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday night earnings update

Well, here we are with another Sunday night, and it's time to let you all know how I made out this week with my online earnings. Last week, I was sitting at $64.40 for the month so far. This week is a little less than that. To date for February, I've made a total of $125.79, so I'm up $61.39 from last week.

This past week there were a couple hiccups with my blogging for PayPerPost. They did a major upgrade to the site last Monday, which in turn spazzed out a few things, making it impossible to take any opportunities all day on Tuesday. But then, segmentation has been introduced, which basically means the advertisers that bring us bloggers the opps that we can blog about can now more narrowly define who they want to blog for them. They can choose which type of blog, for instance, only blogs about games, television or design, etc. can specifically be picked. So an all around general blog such as mine may not have those categories checked, as we are only allowed to pick a total of five categories for our blogs. They can also specify what sort of page rank they want their advertisements blogged on. My blog is still sitting at zero unfortunately, which means I don't get a lot of opportunities to accept when page rank is important. That really does suck, because I think I'm a pretty good writer, and do my posts quite well. So I really have to work on getting some linky love from people to help boost my page rank. And we also have a ranking system there, whereby the advertisers can vote on our posts we have done for them. Sadly, out of my 36 posts I've done through PPP, I've had five advertisers vote, and one of those advertisers has banned my blog. Harumphf! The worst part of that, is we never get to know which post, which advertiser or why they banned us. So we never get to see what the problem is, or have a chance to be able to fix it. As well, the advertisers can choose to exclude all blogs from different blog sites. So if they don't want a blogger blog, I'm SOL on that issue too. Needless to say, it's getting harder to make a little extra money with PayPerPost for me, but I refuse to give up!

Blogitive offers have been down this past week as well, so I'm hoping those will pick up more this week. I haven't had any more offers from Blogsvertise. My one and only posting for them was approved, so hopefully something new will come from them soon.

Helium has been clipping along nicely. I'm up $5. there from last week. If I can manage to get that a little higher, I just might be able to make the minimum payout of $25. a month, which would be nice!

My Funky Olive Shop has still been on the slow side for sales this past week. I guess people are still stinging from their Christmas shopping sprees. My new shop is getting nearer to opening, and fingers are crossed that sales will start ringing in again to a more frequent pace to warrant having two shops.

At any rate, I'm still another sixty odd dollars closer to getting my bills paid off after this week, so it's all good. Here's to this week being a profitable one! :-)


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