Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I forgot it was Tuesday, and as I've sat down here to do a bit of blogging, including some paid to blog posts, I've just managed to totally frustrate myself at PayPerPost. There are so many opportunities that I can accept at the moment, but every time I try to accept one, I'm told all the available posts for that opportunity are already taken. Then it hit me... it's Tuesday, and that means every other postie within the PayPerPost community is there snagging up opportunities because it's HDTV Tuesday, and they could possibly win a Sony 50" Grand WEGA LCD HDTV. Of course because I'm in Canada, I don't qualify to win such an elaborate prize -- boohoo -- but I just want to top up my earnings for this month. I'm sitting at $155.00 so far through PayPerPost for the month of May, and I was hoping to be able to bump that up to $200.00 by the 31st. Vacation time is coming soon, albeit not soon enough because I really need a vacation bad, but still soon enough that I want to make sure I can make a nice amount of extra money to enjoy on my trip back home this summer.

Oh well, I guess I'll try some of the other paid to blog sites and see if there is anything shaking there, and check back with PPP later.


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