Monday, June 04, 2007

Cheddar Moon

Have you noticed the full moon we've had lately? The other night I was gazing at it, and I'm assuming it was smog in the air that made that big old moon look like a wheel of cheddar cheese! It reminded my of my childhood where all of us kids in the neighborhood used to think that the moon was made of cheese. Of course we also thought if we swallowed watermelon seeds they'd grow in our bellies and sprout out our ears! Yeah, I guess we weren't too bright, but we were young and except for those sprouting worries, we were carefree, so it didn't matter. But getting back to the moon gazing, it was really cool. I never thought to try to take a picture of it, but my camera doesn't take night pictures too well though. I have loads of blurry fireworks pictures to prove that!

I've always pondered getting my husband a telescope, because I think he'd really like one, and I wouldn't mind having a peek through one from time to time. It would have been cool to have one the other night when I was moon gazing. But I don't know much about these contraptions. Like what are the best telescopes to consider for a couple of amateur astronomers such as us? I'm sure it doesn't take rocket science to set one up, but I'd like things fool proof, so I can just grab it, aim at the moon or whatever I want to look at in the sky and there it is. I did hear about this new astronomy gadget that will be available from Optics Planet. It's called the Meade MySKY, and basically it's like your own personal planetarium. It looks pretty cool! You even get audio with it, so it tells you about what planet you are looking at or whatever. That sounds like it would be fun for the whole family, and with Father's Day coming up here real soon, it would make a cool gift for Dad! Geez, I'd love one of those for the Perseids show in August. I love watching them every year! I've already got my calendar marked for August 13th for when they peak. I hope the skies are clear!


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