Monday, June 04, 2007

Re-decorating time!

Hubby officially left for the cottage last Friday, and I'm gearing up to do some re-decorating as I previously mentioned. However, I was thinking of doing my bedroom at that point, but after giving the kitchen a good scouring on Saturday morning, I've decided that I'm going to do that instead. It's more work, but I'd really like to have it done the way I want it. Several years back, the last time I did it, I painted my cupboards white, but I used oil based paint that has a gloss to it, and I hate them! Of course they're in need of new paint now too, so that doesn't make them look any better. And at that time, I also painted my counter tops with melamine paint. I did those in black. Yep, I was in black and white mode at the time. I'm over it now! So I'm going to keep in tune with the pale sagey kind of green for the walls, white ceiling though. I'm going to paint the cupboard bases white with melamine this time, but I'm going to do the doors in the next shade down of the green, again with melamine. I had thought of painting the counter tops white, but I don't think I want to do that, with stains and all, so I'm tossing around a nice espresso brown idea. I'm not sure yet though. I'm going to call my decorating diva sister and see what she suggests. I'd like to pick up another base cabinet too, since when we bought our new fridge a couple of years back it didn't fit in the fridge spot, so I had to give up my little two-seater table and put it on the other wall. In it's place I put a microwave cart that I hate! I'd like to ditch that cart and get another cupboard, which would be good for storage, plus it would give me another 30 inches of counter space, which I'm seriously lacking! I have this idea in my head of a 50s kind of look with the light green, white and I'm seeing cherries with it! I won't go overboard on any kind of theme, but I think I might put my embroidery machine to use by making some cute kitschy tea towels with cherries on them. Then I just need a cherry red mix master and blender to sit on the new counter space I'll gain! I'll have to put in a hint for a birthday gift, or I could even wait until Christmas too! ;-) I picked up some spackle today to start patching a few dents and scratches on the walls. I'm going to go tomorrow and check out a new light and get some ceiling paint. Big job, but it will be worth it! I'll do before and after pictures. Those are so fun!


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