Monday, June 04, 2007

Sting Rocks!

When my husband and I were just dating, and even when we were first married, we used to go to a lot of concerts. A lot of them were for bands we both liked, but I have to admit, he must have been trying to win my heart at the time, because he took me to many concerts for bands that I only liked. Like The Police for example. At the time, he wasn't too keen on them. He likes their music now mind you, but it's probably been drilled into his head from me listening to my cds over the years. That was back in the eighties, before we were even married. I thought Sting was the sexiest man on the face of the earth! And my then boyfriend, now husband knew that, yet he still took me to their concert! I'll never forget too how he told me he had tickets to that show either. He literally put a message in a bottle! Okay, so it wasn't as romantic as a nice wine bottle with a cork; it was just a note sticking out of a stubby beer bottle, but the thought of him doing that was just pretty cool! Yeah, he was trying to win my heart! No doubt there! Anyway, I'll never forget Sting belting out Roxanne! I still get goosebumps when I think of that moment when he started the song... "Roooooxxxxxaaaaaane"! Oh! That was breathtaking! Of course it's my favorite song they ever did too. I love the rawness in Sting's voice in that song! So very very sexy!

I was so excited to hear that they reunited and are doing another tour. They're going to be in Toronto for two dates in July, but of course, both shows are sold out. I remember hearing on the radio too, when the tickets first went on sale; they sold out real quick. I would have loved to go, but I'm not too quick when it comes to getting tickets anymore. Hopefully though another date will be added. There's always that chance, especially when they sell out so fast. In the meantime I may just have to settle for the new Police cd which has all the favorites compiled on two discs. A total of 28 songs, and I love most of them! Roxanne of course is my most favorite of all as I said, but I also love Walking On The Moon and Wrapped Around Your Finger. They're probably tied for a close second. But then there's also So Lonely and King Of Pain. Yeah, I should probably pick up a copy of that new Police cd so I'll have them all in one box. Plus my copies are old, so it's a good time to renew my collection!

Look at the hottie on that front cover! Is he not sexy?!


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