Monday, June 04, 2007

Oh! I booked my trip!

That's something else I did this weekend. I booked my trip back home for the end of July. I'm not going via Las Vegas as I was tossing around the thought, because I managed to get a reasonable seat sale directly there that would be cheaper. I'd still like to do Vegas some day soon though. I told my brother that we should make a long weekend sometime and meet there. I think that would be cool!

Anyway, I'm flying directly to the Island this time, instead of to Vancouver and taking the ferry over. I'll fly into Comox and my sis and her hubby will pick me up there. I'll stay with them in Nanaimo -- my home town --for the most part of a week, and my other sis is coming over from Vancouver then too. Then we'll head over to Vancouver for the rest of my stay. Because I'm not going to Vegas, my brother and his wife said I have to at least come and stay a night with them, and we'll do a trip to the local casino, so that sounds like fun.

As for the rest of the itinerary, I'll let my sisters figure that out. I'll just go with the flow, as long as I get some beach time, but they both know that rule is set in stone!


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