Monday, June 04, 2007

I hate the yellow pages!

Now this is cool. I don't know about you, but anymore when I'm looking for a local company to purchase something or get an estimate on some work, I hate searching through the yellow pages of the phone book to find said company. It's different if I know exactly what company I'm looking for, then I look up their number in the white pages of the phone book, but if I'm not sure I get really frustrated with those yellow pages! I'd rather have the option of looking that information up online, where I can type in a couple of keywords and ba-da-bing, up pops a list of companies close by. Well I've just come across such a site that has a local business directory! I'm stoked about this! You don't know how much I hate those yellow pages!

So if I'm looking for a new dentist, I would go to Health and Wellness section to find one, or maybe I wanted some culture from an art gallery, I would look under Arts and Culture section and I can easily find which, if any are located close to me. And this site, also allows the business to list their business for free, so there are no extra costs incurred. That's a win-win for businesses! The only bummer I noticed is that there are no listings for Canada there, so I guess for now I'm still stuck with my crappy yellow pages!


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