Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Snow in June?

Wow! I was talking to my husband last night. Remember he's up at the cottage, right? The cottage is located in Northern Quebec, not too far from Temiscaming. Anyway, when I was talking to him on the phone last evening, he told me it was snowing there! Snowing... in JUNE! I couldn't believe it. I thought he was seeing things or something, maybe that he was delirious, since he has this nasty cold that I have too. But he informed me it was snowing, and so hard that when he was looking out the window, he couldn't see across the lake. Well I guess he won't be doing much swimming this trip, will he?! Now I know it's up north and all, but I have to say the weather is just plain old goofy anymore. Last Friday was his first full day up there, and he said it was so hot, and somewhat humid too. In fact, it was so hot to the point of an afternoon thunderstorm, with hail and the works. Then it was just nice for the weekend he said. Our weather here has been goofy too though. It's been hot and humid for about a week, and then we had a cold spell blow in, and blow in it did. Yesterday was chilly here, and today it's sunny, but the wind is still a little cool. So we're going from air conditioners to furnaces. No wonder everyone is sick. Summer, where are you?


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