Monday, May 07, 2007

Lovin' the coupons!

I've been noticing that so many places online these days have a spot to place coupon codes on when you go to checkout while making a purchase from that particular site. That's why I always like to check out Coupon Chief first before I go online shopping to see if they have any discounts for whatever site I'm heading to. They have so many shops they have deals for. There are over 1000, so you're sure to find some place you like to shop at.

They even have coupon codes for some Guthy Renker deals, which if you're a late night infomercial watcher like I am at times, you're familiar with some of the products they sell. Proactiv, Winsor Pilates (got it!) and Sheer Cover (which I've been recently checking into), to name a few. It's all good.


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