Monday, May 07, 2007


Today when I came home at lunchtime I think I kind of over ate! Oops! I just had a roast beef sandwhich on rye with a handful of baked potato chips. But then, I had bought a key lime pie the other day, and my hubby suggested I take the rest of it next door to share with my mother in law. I always eat my lunch next door with her and have a little mid-day visit. Well, we each had a slice of that pie, which was really yummy with whipped cream topping, but I should have waited and let my sandwhich digest first. When I got back to work, I was uncomfortably full! God, all I wanted to do was lie down! So when I got home from work, I was still full and had no interest in eating dinner. Instead, I opted for a nap! I'm still not hungry and I'm hoping I can fall asleep shortly or I'll really be cursing that alarm clock in the morning!


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