Sunday, June 17, 2007

Frustrating extra weight

So I'm sitting here eating my breakfast, which is just a small bowl of corn flakes with fresh strawberries, and skim milk. I've been watching what I'm eating lately with the exception of going out with the girls the other night (but I don't think mussels in marinara sauce are real bad -- okay, the two martinis maybe!). I'd really like to lose a few pounds -- like even 10 or so before I go on my holidays next month. Anymore though, it just seems so hard to lose any weight. I don't know what the problem is. I do exercise, I watch what I eat for the most part, and overall, I'm not a lazy person, in that I'm usually doing something rather than nothing. I guess maybe my metabolism is just in a dormant state or something. It's like it's non-existent and needs a good kick start or something. I've never ever taken any kind of diet aid in my life, but I'm really starting to consider trying something. I was reading about a free Diet Trial offer for one of those fat burning pills. I may order the free trial and see what it does for me. I have to do something. I really would like to lose about 30 pounds total, and they're just so stubborn with diet and exercise alone.


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