Thursday, June 07, 2007

Just say Hi!

I was actually watching some entertainment show last night, which is not something I ordinarily watch. Anyway, they were talking about the stars and their dating, but they weren't talking who's dating who kind of stuff. Instead they were talking about how these Hollywood stars don't much stray out of their own element to find a partner. And how some of them, a very few amount of them have actually partnered up with a non-star. Now mind you, when they say non-star, most of these relationships are with a partner that is still in the industry, so to speak, but not in the spotlight. There was one person, and I forget who he is, but he's dating a girl with an ordinary life with a regular job like you and me. They also mentioned that of all the stars they spoke to about this, none of them venture to any of the online dating sites to look for a partner.

More and more though, you hear about people meeting their soul mate online, rather than locally. I can't count the amount of people I know of hear in town that have found the love of their life through an online dating site. My own niece out west has met a couple of nice guys through the Internet dating scene. Unfortunately those relationships didn't blossom into anything more than friendship for her, but at the very least, she's met a couple of new friends to spend some quality time with. And there are so many different sites like these around the net, but one in particular stands out to me, because there are no fees at all, and that's You can search there from their database to find singles of any age group within so many miles of your location. So you can find either local singles or broaden your horizons and go for a long distance relationship. I think a lot of people are fed up with the bar scene when looking for someone special, and many are going this route of online dating to find their perfect match. I know I wouldn't be looking in a bar for a new partner if I were looking!



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