Saturday, September 15, 2007

Another thought...

I just switched laundry loads, and as I said previously, I have to begrudgingly use my dryer for today's laundry chores. A couple of weeks ago, my mother in law brought me over a present that she had picked up while shopping with her sister. It was a package of those blue bumpy balls that you put in your dryer. They're supposed to be these little wonder balls, that are going to do all kinds of marvelous things for you to save you time and money and give you the fluffiest laundry ever.

Well, since I'm having to use my dryer for the first time since she bought them for me, I'm putting them to the test right now with this first load, and it's a heavy load too, so it should prove to be a pretty good test!

Now they say that these little bumpy balls will eliminate the need for me to have to use any sort of fabric softener, either liquid or dryer sheets because those little bumps are going to massage my laundry, which will fluff it up and soften the fabric. Now I'm pretty damned picky about my laundry, and the thought of using no type of fabric softener, especially in the dryer just doesn't sit right with me. There's nothing worse in my mind than static cling. With that said, I still tossed in a dryer sheet, but I only put one in, where I normally would have put about three of them in with a load this size. They also say they are going to help make my clothes dry more quickly because they are going to bounce around in the dryer and keep my laundry separated to allow the hot air to flow more efficiently between the fabrics. I do hear them bouncing around, so that part is a given. But we'll see how close my load is to being dry by the time the washer finishes it's cycle. Remember, I said it was a pretty heavy load I have in there right now.

So, I'll keep you posted here today on whether I think these balls are worth the few bucks they cost, or whether I think they'd make a better massaging chew ball for the dogs!


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