Saturday, September 15, 2007

Why is it?

Why is it that every time a house sells in the neighborhood, the listing real estate agent for that property feels compelled to knock on your door and try to have you list your house too? A house a few doors away was just recently sold this past week, and I just had to go through the chaos of having to calm our dogs down from the bark fest when that realtor came knocking on the door. I find that irksome, especially since he already put a notice in the mail box yesterday saying that the house had been sold, and to call him if we had any thoughts on selling our property. I can read! And if we want to put our home on the market, which we won't be doing for a long long time, I'm sure I can find an agent to do that for me. Could be him, could be somebody else. Maybe I'm just in a bit of a cranky mood with this cold right now, but his visit didn't do anything to make me want to consider listing our house with him. And besides, we were quite happy with our GMAC agent that helped us purchase this home in the first place, and would probably look her up again should we ever decide to sell.


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