Saturday, September 15, 2007


Great! I just realized that with that last bark fest from that realtor knocking on the door, that our black lab managed to bang into one of my end tables in his freak session, and in that process he broke my table lamp! I think I fix it though, thank goodness. The part where the heavy wire thingy comes up around the light bulb and has the little screw on top to screw the finial into that holds the shade in place is the casualty. That part where the finial gets screwed in was what was broken, so I should be able to get a replacement wire thingy I think. Those things just seem to click into the other metal part on the actual lamp. Great terminology used here, don't you think?! I don't know whether to blame the dog, that needs to calm down or the real estate agent that caused the uproar. I think I'll go with the realtor, since he already had me upset!


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